Nigeria: The Obsession of Lying In Politics

Why ethics seems to prevail in all branches of knowledge, in all disciplines, professions or jobs, with the exception of the policy? Of promises not kept, innuendo, of pure machinations have become the rule in politics. The most disturbing thing is the acceptance of these lies by the greatest number.

Manipulation of voters

A Nigeria politician who had asked voters in his constituency to vote for him promising them development was elected. He did not honor his promises in the first four-year term. By making the same promises he was given a second term and still has not respected them.

Without deflation, he came back to his constituents, explaining that in politics the first mandate serves to enrich himself personally, the second serves to water his family, and the third can be devoted to the common good. Electing a new candidate would therefore be a danger because the counter would return to zero.

In politics the lies are the law

The moral of this story is that in politics, lies are the rule. In the case of Nigeria, the culture of “political cabals” as I called it, is as old as the national flag. People are promised development, Free meal daily, Monthly stipends for poor Nigerians, Constant power supply, fertilizers for their crops, quality education, medicines in clinics and hospitals, Employment opportunities.

The list of promises is endless. Yet, year after year, campaign after campaign, government after the government, Nothing of what has been promised has been achieved. So the only way to stay in power is by lying.

In Nigeria, for example, worship their President without end. This feeling, however, is not without interest. Indeed, a strong president is the foundation of all buddies: companies need contracts; Members are looking for positions; Foreign investors need the resources available in Nigeria, the voiceless need food and decent housing, and so on.

Nigeria: The Obsession of Lying In Politics

Being in the circle of power arranges a lot to benefit from a few crumbs of the national cake. Either one is in worship or adoration and one eats in the system, or one dares to criticize for having nothing in the end. This worship of the heroic president is possible only because it is the only way to success in a failing state.

The culture of lying in politics impoverishes a nation

In politics, it seems that truth is perceived as a weakness. When you tell the truth, even your own supporters may think that “something is wrong with you.” There is always a silent cry “Let the best liar win!” and he wins. The cult of self passes before the national interest.

This is the end of any social contract. Rhetoric takes precedence over ideas. Empty promises succeed one another and remain unrelentingly sterile and poverty persists. In such a context, development is slow and only the friends in power can improve their lot. All this fuels the thirst for power since it is the only propitious horizon.

A real citizen burst is necessary. People must demand that politicians fulfill their promises within specified time frames. The policy of lying can not go on forever. While there is so much talk about the need for ethics in private companies, it would be time to demand ethics in politics, but this will only be possible if the populations demonstrate demands. We must leave the voluntary servitude denounced in its time. This servitude is an ideal breeding ground for falsehood.

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