Nigerians react to Buhari’s comment on “Baba go slow” in New York

Nigerian netizens across the country reacted to President Muhammadu Buhari’s remark that he was nicknamed “Baba go slow” by some elites who observed the mismanagement of previous administrations without saying anything.

The remark was made by President Buhari during a meeting with Nigerians from the diaspora on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York.

However, citizens used social media to express their feelings about the president’s speech.

Some of them below:

@glriabije: “Stop this vehicle, we are not going again.. Baba Reverse not go slow”

@Lboogie_k: “Even the Israelites on their way out of Egypt criticised Moses and preferred to return to Egypt.”

@dezzonyilo: “The only thing that changed between this government and the last is the nomenclature, mantra and the face of leadership. It’s still same crop of peeps and ideas. Old wine in new bottles. How different is Sure-P from N-power???”

@theonce001: “Shameless president with no WAEC certificate ruling over 190million people with more than five degrees and PhD’s. What a shame on Nigeria to have you head the affairs of the nation. I curse the day I was born in Nigeria and having you as a president. Shame on you!”

@Naijaour: “Those who went fast like Donald Trump have created over N7m jobs, you have lost 7.9m. Ethiopia is among the fastest growing economies in the world, you have made Nigeria poverty capital. You are yet to conduct one generally accepted election. You paid £3m to Boko Haram…”

@ahmedsempire: “Thank God we have a President that understands governance is a continuous process. It is the mentality of politician wanting to start something new (some with the intent of using it as an avenue to siphon public funds) that has led to so many abandoned projects in Nigeria.”

@dgemstone69: “They forgot that; Slow and steady win a race. Going slow with a fast pace of infrastructural development.

@shittumoney: “Abegi. Na fast and furious means of national development we want. I don’t care which party as long as they sense enough to get it done.”

@Obasi_felixxy: “What kind of insensitive comment is this? I feel so ashamed been governed by a president who lacks the dignity of such office.. Who did we offend?”

@Mbaka_Ogonnaya: “In a fast paced world where different nations progress in supersonic speed, Baba continues to go slow, plunging Nigeria into deeper poverty, insecurity and institutionalizing electoral vices. Go slow all you like but be sure to stop & park by 2019. We want to get the hell out!!”

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