Nike launches the first sneaker you can wear without hands

Sports brand Nike has launched a unique sneaker. The shoe has no laces, and you can just step in. The design is met with applause because it is beneficial for people with disabilities.

The GO FlyEase is the first hands-free sneaker ever made. This gives Nike a great first. The shoe was initially made for athletes with a disability because, for them, it is not very convenient to tie shoelaces. Now the design is also available to the broader public.


“Normally, I spend a lot of time putting on my shoes,” says Beatrice Vio. She is an Italian wheelchair fencer and Paralympic champion and has extensively tested the Nike sneaker.

“With the Go FlyEase, I can just put my feet in, and I’m good to go. This new technology can make life easier for many people.”

Sneakers are also the topic of conversation on Twitter. Some say they are the epitome of laziness, and others point to the benefit for people with physical disabilities.

“I know people who can’t tie their own shoes. Their partner must help them. This sneaker would make a world of difference for them.”

How the shoe works? The heel is secured by a kind of rubber band, which makes it very flexible. It is, therefore, not necessary to squeeze your foot into the sneaker. That happens very smoothly because the band is elastic, the GO FlyEase is also tight enough.

The sneaker will be available in three color combinations from February 14th. It will cost $120 and will initially only be sold to Nike Members who have a membership to the website or app.

There will be a release to the general public later this year.

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