No girls from Dapchi found: anger and grief in Nigeria

There is still no news of Dapchi’s schoolgirls in Nigeria.

This is, according to the police, 111 girls precisely who are missing since Monday and a raid of Boko Haram in this locality of the Yobe state.

Yesterday, the governor of the state announced to families that no schoolgirl was finally found by the authorities for the time being.

A change of version because he had said the opposite the day before. The indigenes and families of the missing youth are angry.

One point has been clarified since Thursday evening: the presumed release of some of the abducted high school students never took place. It was the governor of Yobe State whose spokesman was behind this false information but later denied him.

The dreaded balance sheet at this stage is 111 missing, a provisional figure to be confirmed by the authorities.

How many deaths? The police have not yet communicated on this subject but according to Reuter’s news agency that reports two deaths.

It is also important to remember, the attack has still not been claimed even if it bears the signature of Boko Haram.
For the parents it is the anxiety and the total blur. They have been confused for four days.

Crisis of confidence in the authorities

Nigerians all over the country are appalled and angry. Mistrust prevails vis-à-vis the authorities but also vis-à-vis the press that relays “fake news”.

It is, therefore, a crisis of confidence that sets in: how was it achieved a second time? The BBOG [ Bring back our girls ] association, which is campaigning for the release of high school girls from Chibok – were kidnapped four years ago – is angry and denounces the government’s passivity.

The balance of President Buhari is challenged to one year of the next presidential elections.

No girls from Dapchi found: anger and grief in Nigeria

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