No more Netflix in Russia

The American streaming platform Netflix is inaccessible in Russia. The California company announced this on Monday. This makes Netflix one of the last Western companies to complete its withdrawal from the country due to the Russian offensive in Ukraine.

The Netflix website and app have been unavailable in Russia since Friday, AFP reporters noted. The US platform said it waited until the end of a billing cycle to block the platform in Russia. Before that, the site remained accessible, and customers in Russia using non-Russian online payment methods could continue to subscribe.

In March, Netflix announced that it was suspending its service in Russia due to the conflict in Ukraine and ceasing its acquisitions in Russia, as well as production of original programs.

The world’s largest online video service, with 221.8 million paid subscribers at the end of 2021, had about 700,000 subscribers in Russia, according to official figures from the US platform.

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