Nokia launches old-fashioned mobile phone with keys

Nokia presented a new old phone on Thursday. It is not a smartphone, but an old-fashioned device, with keys. The Nokia 106 can store 2000 contacts and 500 text messages. The display is only 1.8 inches large, converted 4.6 centimetres. It weighs 70 grams and users can play Snake.

According to parent company HMD, the battery will last three weeks on standby. It is not yet known in which countries he comes on the market. It must cost about 19 dollars.

They will also present its latest phone in a few weeks. This will take place on 5 December in Dubai. The Finnish smartphone maker sent the invitations on Thursday. Expect more, is the motto of the company. Nokia has not disclosed more details.

Company was once the most important mobile phone manufacturer in the world, but completely missed the transition to smartphones. Nokia was bought by Microsoft in 2014, after which the brand name disappeared from the market. Microsoft wanted to participate in the mobile market, but the combination was not a success and Microsoft repelled Nokia. The new owner, HMD, was founded by the top of the old Nokia.

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