Nothing is free in this world, your boyfriend must pay for sleeping with you

The Ghanaian actress and singer, Juliet Ibrahim, who spoke to women recently, says there is nothing free in this world and that your partner is supposed to pay you after sleeping with you.

It is probably based on the popular quote that noth ing in this world is free.

According to the beautiful actress, a man is supposed to pay a woman for services rendered after he has slept with her.

The goddess of the screen has on her page Instagram, shared an excerpt from a film of Nollywood in which we hear a mother ask her daughter to return to take money with a man with whom she slept without being paid for the services rendered.

In the video, the mother told the girl: “You slept for free with a man in these difficult times, get up now, go home and tell him to pay you. Tell him that nothing in this world is free.”

Is Juliet Ibrahim’s advice acceptable to young people now?

This post on Instagram has generated different reactions among Ghanaian Internet users. Many have wondered whether to receive money for no consideration or to be paid after having a good time with your partner?

Well, we cannot say if this is a lesson she learned from her previous relationship with the Nigerian singer Iceberg Slim or if she warns suitors that there is nothing free in this world.

As a caption under her Instagram post, she wrote:

“Nothing in this world is free … #nollywood century council”

Do you agree with Juliet?

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  1. Comment: now I see and understand why Noah took to the ark animals first before humans… Dear Juliet u are d most incredibly stupid creature I’ve ever heard of

  2. Comment:she is just a bitch that like money nothing else God cause a man to work for woman not woman ,if a woman desiparetely sho can do any thing ,its free we all feel the same

  3. Comment: So juliet you mean women don’t need sex..? don’t they have feelings for sex. Because as at now, its women who proposes love….should we charge them as well..?

    I think you were speaking to prostitutes…..
    Thats evil Juliet…..

  4. Boyfriend & girlfriend is based on mutual love and feelings. Right for the guy to take care of his girl so she could appear nice.
    But advicing girls to demand for money immediately or after sex,who does that? Prostitute.
    So,what are u advicing girls? To be one. If the boy impregnanted her and she calls for him to take the responsibility & he claims he paid her after they finished that day,which she demanded for,that he have paid for the service and nothing concerns him,100% obiviously,he is right and the girl have no word against him.
    So,pls,think before you advice,don’t look at a road straight their and their will always be turns as you move down.

  5. Comment:oh! what a perverse generation? singles see and discuss sex without shame. u re invariably a prostitute for saying this. please stop polluting the minds of young ladies…..cheeeewww I thought u were a responsible lady. u don f

  6. Comment:
    dont promote prostitution u bitch!! What if people are in love huh? Does a husband pay his wife for sex? So who is going to pay the husband for sex? Damn u bitch

  7. Comment:well I lack words to express the specie of animal that u are and I hope u won’t do the mistake to approach your dota, with such a blatant lie u got from your mum, coz u will be ruining your generation, do u know what a virtuous woman is?don’t think u know, well open your ears to learn, a virtuous woman don’t ask for money after making love, I know you are just a slut……. Rebrand and renew your thoughts please…. And grow up, most importantly..

  8. Comment:this is nothing but pure prostitution . there is not difference between a sex worker and YOU ,reason: both are paid after sex. foolish prostitute ,go to hell. you’ll never get a husband with this kind of mind

  9. Comment: its not in order coz its mutual, unless you’re doing it for personal gain rather than a single soul (love) existing in two individual persons…

  10. Comment:I don’t see demanding ur bf to pay uh during sex as a genuine approach…. BT if u demand to b paid as commercial sex worker…. I v no problem with dt cos u a doing business at ur own will….stop beating around d bush come clean… women’s don’t demand’s from their bf

  11. That is totally misleading and quite irresponsible statement, how much did you pay God to give you that body??? And why sleep with men get a husband. You are not a commodity for sale , you are precious child of God.

  12. That’s a real diva. Comon ppl, all I see is a diva whom had to give up the cookie to get to where she is. A mentality of Nt even a bf deserves a free cookie. Ah! I dnt blame some ladies for being blunt, She must’ve had it rough with men, given director his own share, d producer, d editor so on. So much banging for such a beautiful diva trying to make limelight. It’s so clear she as been given up d pussy to get what she wants and it’s working for her.

  13. Stupid woman. Infact women need sex more than we men do, and they are just yapping here. Imagine the way we sweat, the way we dig that thing, the way we curve our backs, the way we hold the shots to make sure the woman climaxes first, then u say we pay? Silly demands infact we should be paid for giving a nice fuck. Some women don’t even want to change positions in bed they just want the old fashioned missionary style and she wants to be paid. The way that we sweat during that scene not even a mjengo person can sweat that way. Women nowadays u are behaving like witches. U want the world to know that u can live without sex, u even want Jesus to know that sex is only for men so they should pay because for you it’s not a must. Stupid.

  14. Comment:sex can not be rendered as a service between partners and if so it is rendered by law as protitution… so basicly she’s not your girlfriend but just a cheap piece of work lol😏

  15. If both girlfriend and a hooker renders same service, then I would go for a hooket because its a instant service which is a way cheaper.

  16. This is incredible, hard to think of or to accept. Anyway, if there should be payment, I think the payment should go to the worker, who did the job and not the person on the receiving end either. Men, therefore, should be paid and not the women because they enjoy the whole thing more than men. Waiting for my pay!

  17. Comment: women enjoy it more than men so I should pay my girl who want it all ways because I make her com more than she could ever imagin, this so called actress has not recieve a real bang if not she won’t say this things I just feel sorry for her for what she is missing

  18. Comment: if your had to pay for having sex with you then you are not his girlfriend, you are simply a prostitute

  19. Comment:we are all working during that time. we all get tired at the end of it. above all , we are helping each other. I don’t see it fit for a woman to demand payment after sex. that is plain robbery. I think she must just be appreciated , not to be paid .

  20. Comment: Is sleeping with a man rendering a service? Why should women have their cake and eat it too? They want to be laid , enjoy and get paid on top of it? This is ridiculous ; plain robbery! Should man demand payment too?
    Well if she is a prostitute its understandable because a man knows he is hiring a service but if she is a girlfriend and she demands payment she is no longer a girl friend but a harlot ! she must come clean and not beat about the bush!!

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