Nurse in tears when she can’t buy food after 48 hours of shift: ‘Stop hoarding’

A British nurse is a hit on the internet after she recorded a video in tears after a substantial shift at work. According to her, 48-year-old Dawn Bilbrough had just finished a 48-hour shift(!) when she hoped to buy food and drink in a supermarket. She only found empty shelves. “Please stop hoarding.”

The fear of the coronavirus has been leading to chaotic situations in supermarkets in England for days. Customers emptied entire shelves, and at some branches yesterday, there were huge queues again. Parents even fought each other.

Because of the coronavirus, nurse Bilbrough worked almost continuously in intensive care in a local hospital for two days. To her surprise, she found a plundered supermarket after her shift. “I just came out of the store without food,” she sobs in a video she shot herself. “I couldn’t hold back there in my tears. I just wanted to get something for the next 48 hours that I have to work. But there is no fruit or vegetables. I don’t know how to stay healthy now. ”


The major British supermarket chains already took measures this week to counter hoarding. People are no longer allowed to buy certain products indefinitely. This is to prevent shelves from being emptied too quickly. A supermarket chain Tesco, customers can only buy two packs of sought-after products such as pasta, toilet paper, and long-life milk.

The supermarkets’ appeal seems to fall on deaf ears. “There are people who empty complete shelves,” stammers Dawn Bilbrough in the video. “Please stop that. It is people like me who will take care of you when you are in need.”


Supermarkets count on support from the police if England does go into lockdown. For example, further misconduct by customers must be tackled. A source in the supermarket sector tells local media that it does not count on a role for the military. The armed forces can support emergency services.

Dawn Bilbrough
©Facebook – Dawn Bilbrough

British media reports that up to 20,000 troops are released. For example, they can set up field hospitals. Reservists will be told on Thursday that they can be deployed. The chief executive of supermarket chain Sainsbury’s emphasized in a letter to customers that there are no food shortages. He stated that only restrictions are imposed to ensure that more customers have the opportunity to buy food.

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