Our prayer for this last month of the year!

That’s it: we are entering the month of December! What a grace to be alive in this last month of 2021! Days and weeks went by until we reached this meaningful twelfth season! This is why we want to take the time to pray in a special way for this symbolic month.

“Father, I want to thank you for allowing me to enter this twelfth and final month of the year. Not all have had this grace and I therefore want to show you all my gratitude for the breath of life.

During these last 11 months, Your hand has not let me go and you have accompanied me in times of joy as in times of trials. Many things happened and each of them made me realize how precious your presence in my life is. In this month of December, I want to continue to cherish You and make You my priority. I want this year to end on a high so please:

  • to help me continue to nurture my relationship with You. May You reveal Yourself to me like never before this year!
  • to continue to protect me and my family. Stretch out your hand over them and let no harm befall them.
  • to help me make the Holy Spirit my best friend. May He continue to guide me daily to walk in your ways.
  • to free myself from the chains of sin which imprison me and which I cannot get rid of.
  • to allow myself to be a light in this dark world. Use me to help those in need. Allow me to proclaim Your Gospel to the unsaved.
  • to see the marvelous promises that you made to me come true because what you say, you accomplish!
  • to keep me humble, submissive to Your commandments, and filled with gratitude for all that You do in my life.
  • for this world that is going from bad to worse. We know what is happening was written in Your Word but we still want to pray that Your will be done.
  • for those who are in need, who suffer, who are isolated, sick, in poverty and going through extremely difficult times. That you can come to their aid and use me in their life.

I want to bless Your name because I know in advance that You will not abandon me in this last month of the year. Help me not to slacken my efforts, to continue to seek Your will for my life and to walk on the path You have chosen for me.

Thank You for who You are and what You do. I am grateful to you and I want to continue to proclaim my love to you in this month of December but also for the rest of my life!

In the name of Your precious Son Jesus, I have prayed. Amen.

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