Outgoing head of government in Tunisia may be banned from leaving the country

Tunisia’s National Anti-Corruption Authority states in a note that it has sent a second report to the public prosecutor in the conflict of interest case involving the former head of government and other suspects. It called for travel bans and the freezing of assets.

In a report published on its official website on Monday, 20th July, the National Anti-Corruption Unit (INLUCC) in Tunisia refers to the case involving the former head of government Elyes Fakhfakh. It states that it has suggested to the public prosecutor that he should issue bans on leaving the country and freeze the assets of certain suspects.

“On 16th July 2020, the INLUCC submitted a second report to the State Prosecutor at the Judicial, Economic and Financial Centre with new documents and evidence concerning the suspicion of conflict of interest, financial and administrative malpractice, and tax evasion, relating to contracts concluded by the State with certain groups and enterprises in which the Head of Government, Elyes Fakhfakh, has holdings,” the document states.

Tangible evidence of regulatory violations

Thus, the INLUCC has asked the prosecutor to issue “orders prohibiting the departure from the national territory and freezing the assets of certain suspects”, the report adds, specifying that there is “tangible evidence concerning certain suspects that proves the transgression of regulations that can be qualified as acts of corruption”.

Elyes Fakhfakh, who has been under investigation for conflict of interest since the end of the year, resigned from his government on 15th July. President Kaïs Saied now has ten days to appoint a replacement.

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