Over 250,000 people worldwide cured of coronavirus, 870 from Africa

A message that should give us all hope: more than 250,000 people worldwide have now recovered from the coronavirus. Of 9,027 cases in Africa, 870 people have recovered. Calculations by the renowned Johns Hopkins University in the United States prove this.

There are currently precisely 252,391 people who have overcome the coronavirus and have been declared cured. It is a hopeful figure, knowing that in the meantime, 1.21 million people have tested positive, and more than 65,000 people have died worldwide.

In Africa, the number of cases is still low compare to other continents. Eight hundred seventy people have been declared free from the virus, while 437 people succumbed to the lung virus. Presently 7,720 are under quarantine, but the counter is 9,027 confirmed cases.

The prestigious University of Baltimore collects patient data in real-time worldwide. The scientists are, of course, dependent on the official information made available by the countries.

For example, it is assumed that the number of infected people will probably be well more than 1.2 million because only the confirmed cases have been taken into account. And therefore the number of people cured will probably be much higher than those 250,000. But at least it’s a big boost.

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