Parents take internet modem for a vacation than “thankless children”

The Australian parents Cassie and Chris Langan took their internet modem instead of their ‘thankless’ children; they say “their most overworked family member” on a day trip.

The couple explained that they had “a fantastic day” in Warrnambool, a beautiful coastal town on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. “We asked our children if they would like a day in Warrnambool and we got the following answer: ‘that’s so boring, we don’t want to go,” Cassie tells on Facebook.

“Chris and I then decided to take the most overworked member of our family – our internet modem – for a fun day out instead of our three thankless children.”

“Modem had a fantastic day of rest and was finally not used continuously by the children. It was also nice to escape the constant hassle. However, Evan did not like that we would take the modem outside.”

The mother then shares photos in which the couple and the modem are on the beach, go to a funfair, and go out for dinner in the evening.

Positive reactions

The stunt was clearly appreciated on social media, with the post quickly gaining more than 80,000 likes and 36,000 shares. Thousands of people commented on the promotion. “The fairy tale of the modern family. Imagine. Great”, someone wrote.

Someone else recognized it. “I did that sometimes. Then I took it to work. They really couldn’t have that…” “I’m sure the kids wanted them to come with you,” someone else writes. A woman wonders what would happen “if she would do the stunt with dad when he is annoying …”

How the couple’s children ultimately spent their internetless day is not clear.

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