Police picks up man that licked on “frog doorbell” for three hours

Roberto Arroyo “frog doorbell” reached the headlines in China and many parts of the world because of a special ‘talent’: the man was filmed in California by a security camera while he was licking a frog doorbell for three hours. The police picked him up.

The owners of the house were not at home at the time of the facts. Their children do but Fortunately they were not aroused by Arroyo. Around 5 o’clock the parents received a report of movements that their surveillance camera had observed. When they viewed those images the next morning, they got the shock of their lives. “We saw a man who licked on our frog doorbell for hours, and only paused to pee in our planter,” says Sylvia Dungan.

Strange thing
The Dungans immediately informed the police. He could soon identify the “frog doorbell” as Roberto Arroyo, a homeless man from the neighbourhood. They picked him up for questioning and let him go a bit later. He will probably not be prosecuted for the lick, but for stealing the extension cable from the Christmas lights of the house.

“This is probably the strangest thing in my career,” police commissioner Miguel Carbrera said to a local TV channel.

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