President Akuffo-Addo fires three judges filmed taking bribes

The President of Ghana, Akuffo-Addo, fires three high-ranking judges for alleged corruption. The judges were filmed taking bribes.

The three senior magistrates were accused of asking for money to influence the outcome of the court proceedings. A special committee found them guilty. They were part of a hundred judges and judicial staff involved in a corruption scandal that shocked Ghana.

Thirty-one judges had already been fired after being convicted of corruption. Anas Aremeyaw Anas, the undercover journalist filmed them in 2015. In addition to taking bribes in cash, some also demanded sex and taking things, including goats.

The president also referred the case to the police for further investigation and possible prosecution. The three judges had already filed a lawsuit in the ECOWAS court to challenge their suspension. They expressed their disappointment at the decision of the president.

The dismissal of judges is part of the measures to restore the image of justice and restore public confidence in it.

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