Princess Shyngle: “Rich men sleep with me and abandon me”

Princess Shyngle, a controversial Gambian actress based in Ghana, revealed that many men, rich and poor, as well as politicians express interest in having her, but that they disappear soon after.

She made this revelation during the show “Afternoon Show” on Ghana’s local GHONE television channel, hosted by Berla Mundi.

“As a woman, it is difficult for me to reject all men who come to me. All men, I mean the rich, the poor, the politicians, but as soon as they come in, they go away,” Shyngle explains in a sad voice.

She added that at one point she had decided not to have a big head against the many men who want her, so she decided to take her time and choose one.

That person, perhaps, was still under surveillance because Shyngle had said she was not dating anyone. She was on the show with Ghanaian rapper Edem and others to discuss what men are looking for in women when choosing a woman.

Shyngle admitted to being “indecent on social media,” but still hoped that his “real man” would love her sincerely. The sincerity with which she made her submission, one could deduce that the young woman would be happy to welcome any man who would like to stay with her.

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