Putin lists four plagues that ruin Africa’s development

Speaking at the Russia-Africa forum in 2019, Vladimir Putin presented the various scourges that are ruining Africa’s development. He spoke of terrorism, extremism, piracy, and the consequences of the Arab Spring, but promised to intensify joint efforts to combat terrorism and extremism.

At the second plenary session of the Russia-Africa summit in Sochi, Vladimir Putin named the problems holding back Africa’s development.

According to the Russian president, these include: “terrorism, the spread of extremism, transnational crime, and piracy”, and they are “hampering the development of the African continent”.

He continues that “many countries are facing the consequences of the Arab Spring, which has destabilized the situation throughout North Africa.”

“In the Sahelian region and Lake Chad, in the Horn of Africa, many terrorist organizations operate. In this respect, we consider it important to intensify joint efforts in the fight against terrorism and extremism,” said Mr. Putin.

He added that Russia is planning to intensify contacts in the military and military-technical fields with African countries in order to coordinate their efforts and exchange useful information.

Agreements outside the forum

Russia agreed to deliver military equipment, including anti-tank missile systems and armored vehicles, to several African countries, for a total of 3.5 billion euros, by the end of 2019, according to Rosoboronexport general manager Alexandre Mikheev announced at the occasion of the forum.

Currently, arms deliveries are being made to 20 African states, including Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique, and Angola, the official added as of last year.

As part of the forum, several contracts were announced for Russia, including one with Nigeria for the delivery of 12 Mi-35 helicopters.

Russia-Africa Summit (2019)
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