Quarrel in Sri Lanka beauty pageant escalates

The previous winner, Caroline Jurie, had said at the ceremony last weekend that her successor Pushpika de Silva was not eligible for the crown because she is divorced. A video shows the ex-winner pulling the crown off the head of the Silva and putting it on the head of the number two. He then bursts into tears.

In the election of Mrs. Sri Lanka and also in the election of Mrs. World, the participants must be married. Jurie is currently Mrs. World.

Picked up

The dethroned de Silva now says she was eligible for election because she is still married to him, although separated from her husband.

She complained to the police, a police spokesman said. On Thursday, Mrs. World was arrested and detained for a while. She is due to appear in court later this month. She is charged with harassment and injury.

De Silva has since received her crown. The contest organizers said they had advised Mrs. World to apologize to the Silva, and Mrs. World organizers said they regretted Jurie’s behavior. This year’s election of Mrs. World will take place in Sri Lanka.

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