Ranking of the 10 richest countries in Africa (AfDB)

The African Development Bank has released its ranking on the richest countries in Africa. Nigeria is the richest country on the continent far ahead of South Africa and Egypt.

Nigeria, the largest West African economic power, is also the richest country on the African continent. Oil resources and GDP have made this country the richest in Africa. In fact, the country led by President Muhamadu Buhari would add $581 billion of GDP in 2018. South Africa, another English-speaking country, is in second place with $276 billion.

In 3rd position, Egypt, with $264 billion, the country of pyramids is ahead of Algeria, which totals $170 billion. Sudan completes the top five with 124 billion.

Morocco (6th), Angola (7th), and Ethiopia (8th) are expected to reach respectively 121, 104 and 96 billion dollars of GDP. Kenya and Tanzania are closing with $77 billion for the first, and 52 for the second.

The Top 10 Richest Countries

1) Nigeria ($581 billion)

2) South Africa ($276 billion)

3) Egypt ($264 billion)

4) Algeria ($170 billion)

5)Sudan ($124 billion)

6) Morocco ($121 billion)

7) Angola ($104 billion)

8) Ethiopia ($93 billion)

9) Kenya ($77 billion)

10) Tanzania ($52 billion)

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