Rapist gives silly excuse: “I didn’t last for 3 minutes”

A Nigerian man gave ridiculous justification in order to escape from his rape crime. He claimed to spend a few minutes on top of his victim.

Sangokunle Akintola, a rapist who accompanied his buddy, Ismaila Raimi, to give a hard-to-get girl a lesson, told Osun State cops that he did not last more than three minutes when it was his time to rape the lady.

Ismaila had been friends with the girl for six months, sending her money and hoping for a romance. When the girl informed him he was no match for the “Yahoo Boys (internet fraudster ed.)” who were dating her, he smoked pot, grabbed a stick to serve as a pistol, and went to the girl’s residence.

They terrified a man they met at the girl’s house with the “gun”, and took her outdoors and abused her in turns. Akintola informed police officers after their arrest that he did not last three minutes on her.

“I had no idea why we were heading to the lady’s residence. Ismaila just requested me to accompany him to her home. We arrived at 7:30 p.m. at Kajola-Ile in Osogbo, encountered a person, and harassed him away with a fake pistol. We dragged the female out to the garden and had sex with her.”

“First, Ismaila raped her. I informed him that I, too, would want to take my turn. It did not even last three minutes,” the rapist added. As if there is stipulated time before one would have to become a rapist.

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