RCA: Three politico-military announce alliance in the name of peace

In the Central African Republic, the leaders of the three main politico-military groups from the Seleka have jointly signed a statement in which they all declare that they have put an end to the differences between them.

According to their statement, they want to be in the political struggle now to bring peace to the country.

It was at the initiative of CNDS Abdoulaye Hisseine that met on August 5, the FPRC, the branch of the former seleka led by Nourredine Adam, the MPC of “General” Mahamat Al Khatim and the UPC Ali Darass, who claims to defend the interests of Fulani herdsmen.

The meeting was held at the MPC stronghold in Moyenne-Sido, in the north of the Central African Republic.

“We have evacuated all our differences and decided to unite hand in hand to fight against banditry in the area of ​​transhuman and in all our respective areas,” said the statement signed by the three armed groups.

The text also announces the establishment of a joint commission that will be responsible for settling peacefully any dispute between traders and herdsmen.

According to the statement, a mixed force has also been set up. The force will be responsible for securing transhuman corridors between the three parties.

But this is not the first time that these ex-Seleka have joined together in the name of peace. By the end of 2017, two of these groups had signed a ceasefire agreement that had never been completed.

“We would have liked these discussions to be put aside to be put on the table during the dialogue. Otherwise, it may sound like a group of people who are going to get along on one thing, but who may be preparing another. […] Above all, we would not want this to push back the prospects for peace. And when two parties go into discussions, it is always better to put aside anything that can create distrust,” said Ange Maxime Kazagui, Minister of Communication and Government spokesperson reacts to this announcement

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