Reasons for the failure of black peoples of Africa

There are many people who think that Africa is not materially poor, but rather emotionally and morally. These are truths which certainly shock many, but a change of mentality is required without which the development and the progress hoped for this continent will never come. So here are the reasons for the failure of the black peoples.

The refusal to know oneself
It is an evil that we have found in the education within our African Cultures and Afro-descendants. The people to be satisfied with little and not disturbing to learn about themselves, about their capabilities and what they are capable of. As well, they are like eagles reduced to live like chickens simply because they do not know that they can fly high, of course very high.

Fear of risk
Recent years in Africa, we saw the rise in power of the entrepreneurship, but to be true: people have always difficult to engage in the spirit of enterprise and even when this is the case, much depend rather funding or remain in their comfort zones. It is enough to look at the number of officials in the public administrations.

Deceiving the enemy
The enemy of the blacks and of Africa is not the whites, nor the Jews, nor even the blacks. The real enemy is the defeatist mentality that the people have integrated into our system of thought. Indeed, we are in a world where every species struggles to survive. Thus, the white peoples, to survive have found the means to profit from the riches of the subsoil but also of the human resources. It is therefore up to the blacks to do the same, or failing that, to find palliative measures. Indeed, when you are faced with an insoluble situation, you are still trying to find a solution. But when you do not get there, you adapt. It must be the same.

Blacks are complex
It is hard but it is a real observation. We do not say it but the black is complex before the so-called white people. Indeed, look at the fact that for example one thinks that all that is good comes from the whites and all that is bad comes from the blacks. So, there is this fact in which we are more inclined to applaud and popularize the inventions of the whites than those of the blacks. For example, leaders do not give enough resources to African inventors to develop their inventions.

In our African societies, it is a little bit taboo because its affecting the Domain metaphysics but it is also a great reason for the delay of the black peoples. This is sorcery. Examples are legion, executives died strangely in wanting to develop their village. There is also the case of a child with a promising future who finds himself suffering from a bizarre disease or dies suddenly. And later, before dying, a close relative admits to having killed him in sorcery for revolting reasons. How can Africa evolve if such people are stopped in their path?

So many people want power, not to serve others but to serve themselves. This results in leaders who, during their mandate, become wealthier when the evils that are undermining the populations are increased.

Poor Leadership
In Scripture, there is this maxim of leadership that says, “Whoever wants to be the greatest is the one who serves others.” Westerners have understood this by trying to respond to the concerns of others around them. So, we ended up with Microsoft, Facebook, and the light bulb and so on.

In Africa, the dreams of others are killed
A gentleman once spoke to me of a crab mentality. In a basket, the crabs cannot get out and shoot one another to stay at the bottom. How many people did not see each other saying, “You’re dreaming, eh! In this country nothing can work!” Or, “In our family, nothing succeeds/If you work in the public service my brother is good!”

A concept of erroneous Africanism
Nowadays, the Africanist movements are rising more and more to compete with the Westerners. As I say, if a person spends all his/her time shouting “my name is X,” you will end up doubting her name. Africans must compete against themselves to become the best version of themselves. Leaving the whites, they have too many bids to manage at home.

Lack of respect for the authorities
An established authority is not always the choice of the people. But it is the reflection of the heart of the people. It’s a bizarre thing but it’s true. So, you cannot desire a person but if it is established in power, you owe it respect and honour. And this is a fact that is often lacking in our societies. All these countries, in which the fathers of nations have been humiliated, degraded, and cursed, go from instability to instability. Like what harvesting the wind harvests the storm.

If you are opposed and you cursed the power in place, you put a stick in the wheels and so on. You will see that when you come to power you will suffer the same miseries. It is called the law of seed and harvest.

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