Reasons married men will hardly leave his wife for his mistress

Why do unfaithful husbands never leave their wives for their mistress? It is a question that has tormented the mind for ages. While many try to explain this, one thing is sure; men want the butter and the money from butter.

An unfaithful husband doesn’t necessarily want to end his marriage when looking for a mistress. Men who cheat on their wives do it simply out of selfishness or for an adventure. Whether you’re a married woman or a mistress, here are five reasons why unfaithful men will hardly leave his wife.

He loves his wife

If he loves you as he claims, he should have left his wife by now. The main reason he married her is that he loves her. Despite their problems, he still goes home. If he truly loved you as a mistress, he should be willing to sacrifice his family and wife to be with you no matter the consequences. You still wait for him to leave his wife two years later because he doesn’t want to. You will always be his second office, and you will continue to waste your time with a man who will never be yours.


Despite their infidelity, men will still do anything to give their children a stable family, especially if they didn’t have one growing up. Even if a man does not get along with his wife, children will force him to stay in his home.

He’s just looking for other pleasures

Men don’t necessarily cheat to leave their wives or because they no longer have feelings for their partners, but it often because they want to taste other pleasures. They want to break the routine, and their infidelity never goes beyond an affair. They are not looking for love.

He wants to preserve his image

Married men recognize the high regard that society has for them and generally do not want to lose that regard. Many unfaithful husbands are respected members of institutions like the church, mosques, businesses, etc. Therefore, leaving their wives for no reason to be with their mistress is the last thing they think about.

He has everything he wants

When you think about it, why would a man leave the woman who gives him sex when he needs it for the one who is not always available? He has two wives who provide him with everything he needs, so why would he want to break that balance by leaving one or the other, more so the mother of his children?

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