Rodent eats fingers of newborn baby in Walloon village

In a village in Hainaut, the public prosecutor’s office examines the mutilation of a newborn baby by a rodent but the girl, only seven weeks old, almost lost one finger and three other fingers were also eaten.

The bizarre incident happened at the beginning of this week in Solre-sur-Sambre (Erquelinnes), on the border with France.

The baby was lying in a cradle in her mistress’s house, the mother’s sister. The woman was sleeping right next to the cradle but would not have woken up immediately. Her son, who listened to the headphones above, heard the baby cry and went to take a look. He discovered that the girl was bleeding heavily on her hand, woke his mother and alerted the emergency services.

In the hospital, doctors discovered that the injuries showed signs of teeth, perhaps of a rodent. “A DNA sample must make it clear which animal is involved”, it sounds at the court. Both the girl’s meter and her son claim that they have not seen the animal.

The little girl has to stay in the hospital for a while, whether the damage can be repaired to her fingers is not yet clear.

According to La Capitale, the parents of the child suffer from addiction problems. The family has five children. Three of them would be supervised by Child Protection.

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