Russia 2018: Russian women warn to abstain from foreigners

An amazing warning from a politician to Russian women stating that Russian women must not sleep with foreign supporters coming to Russia for the 2018 World Cup, at the risk of becoming single mothers, a Russian parliamentarian warned on Wednesday.

Indeed, on Wednesday, Tamara Pletneva, Russian MP, responsible for the commission for family affairs, told Russian women not to have sex with foreign fans during the World Cup.

The reason: to avoid giving birth to children in “incomplete” families.

More than half a million fans from all over the world are expected in 11 Russian cities that will host the various matches of the world, between June 14 and July 15.

Pletnyova, said it is necessary to avoid a repetition of what happened when the country hosted the 1980 Olympics.

“Carrying non-Russian children could lead to broken families,” said Tamara Pletnyova, adding that “these children will suffer later as those of the Soviet era”.

Children born to mixed couples “suffer a lot […] since the Soviet era” because their mothers often have to raise their children alone, fathers leaving the country once the competitions are over, added Tamara Pletneva.

The birth rate in Russia has reached its lowest level in a decade, despite the government’s efforts to encourage Russians to reverse the demographic trend.

“We should give birth to our own children. I am not a nationalist, but still”, said Pletnyova.

The long-awaited World Cup started on Thursday with the host country’s first game, Russia, which played against Saudi Arabia at Luzhniki stadium with 80,000 seats.

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