Russia: A mysterious bag containing 54 cut human hands

Russian police found a bag, containing 54 cut human hands, a few kilometers from the Siberian town of Khabarovsk, a popular fishing spot, not far from the border with China, according to SiberianTimes.

Only one hand was spotted first, which lead to the bag that contained 27 pairs of cut human hands, left on an island in the Amur River about 32 kilometers from the Chinese border.

We still do not know why the hands were cut and the police do not know who they belonged to.

At least one hand had fingerprints that the authorities are checking, according to the SiberianTimes.

Local media reported that medical bandages and hospital-style plastic shoe covers were found near the remaining.

The SiberianTimes reports that investigators suspected that the hands came from a forensic laboratory or hospital.

In Russia, the hands of unidentified cadavers are sometimes cut in order to keep fingerprints for identification after burial.

However, the investigators still do not understand why both hands of a corpse would be cut off when only one would be needed for identification.

Some people imagine that these are punishments for robbery or medical amputations.

However, the most likely hypothesis remains that these hands have been used for dissection exercises for medical students.

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