Rwanda: Government closes more than 700 churches

The Rwandan NewTimes reports that the Rwandan government wants to put order in the world of religious cults.

Thus, since last week, exactly 714 churches have been closed in the capital Kigali.

The Rwandan government blames these churches for not respecting the standards of safety, hygiene and legal status requirements.

The representative of the state coordinating the operations, Justus Kangwagye pointed out that some of these churches did not have a parking lot, which caused traffic jams on some tracks.

Some churches simply operated under tents, with no water or toilets. “The exercise of your freedom of worship should not encroach upon the rights of others. They were asked to stop operations until they met the requirements,” he said.

Other churches were operating without a license despite the legal requirements that make it an obligation, adds Kangwagye, who laments that some churches are hiding behind freedom of worship to break the law.

According to him, it would be difficult for some churches to resume their activities under these conditions.

On the side of the population, some greet the closing of these churches which according to them, disturbing the peace and quietness of atmosphere.

There are those who believe that the government should have given more time, to comply with the rules that are enacted, reports The NewTimes.

The president of the Nyarugenge District Forum of Churches, Mgr. Innocent Nzeyimana, joined the group, advocating that these churches be allowed until the issues raised are resolved.

Since the 2000s, we have witnessed a blossoming of so-called revival churches on the continent. They are sometimes very criticized as regards the mode of installation and operation.

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