Saved from a baby factory in Lagos

162 babies and young children were rescued from a baby factory.

In Nigeria, media relay this release in three illegal orphanages including one known to be a baby factory.

The precise nature and mission of this baby factory remain unknown.

The term baby factory is used to refer to those places where abandoned babies and orphans are sold.

But in one previous case, the term also described a place where pregnant women were held until they gave birth and their babies were sold.

Speaking Wednesday about the 162 children in the latest case, Lagos State Commissioner for Youth and Social Development, Agboola Dabiri, said:

“To protect children, we have closed three illegal orphanages, one of which operates as a baby factory, while two others are orphanages with no authorization to practice. Children and adolescents rescued from the baby factory and illegal orphanages were placed in government-approved homes for care and protection “

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