Secrets you should never tell your partner

A relationship built on trust. But everyone has secrets. Even with your spouse, it is normal to have information that he/she should never know.

You and your partner can be the best of friends, but you will certainly agree on one thing: there are some things you can never share with your partner.

These things should be for you alone, even if you want to be transparent with your partner.

Here are some secrets you should never tell your partner:

The best sex you ever had

If you haven’t had your unforgettable, mind-blowing sex with your partner, don’t even think about telling them. Even if you want your partner to be better at sex and benefit from your sexual history, refrain from doing so, as it may hurt their feelings and ego.

That you are in contact with exes

Chances are, you have a cordial and pleasant relationship with your exes. It is something that your partner may not like. You may face unnecessary arguments or excessive jealousy that slowly destroy your relationship. To avoid this situation, keep messages and calls with your exes secret.

Your preferences for pornography

We can’t even tell our partner that. We all have different sexual preferences, but we are too afraid or embarrassed to say to our spouses. Watching pornography is a very private matter that you don’t want to share with everyone. So it’s best to lock the “pornography history” tab on your phone.

That you don’t like one of their physical attributes

No one is perfect. Even your partner has faults and imperfections that you accept but don’t like. Whether it’s a curved chin or an oversized nose, these are things your partner can’t change. Plus, if you point them out, he won’t feel comfortable about his looks at all.

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