Seemingly ordinary jacket of this news anchor: do you see the neckline?

A newsreader in Australia elicited hilarious comments on the internet after some viewers noticed a rather striking form in the neckline of her jacket. “Once you see it, you can no longer ‘spare’ it,” it says.

News anchor Samantha Heathwood was shown last week on the Australian channel, of Channel Nine. In one of the broadcasts she wore a green jacket: a perfectly normal piece of clothing, were it not that some viewers noticed something completely different. In the unusual shape of the neckline, some people see … a penis.

The top that the woman was wearing under the jacket and the light colour of the zipper complete the illusion. Pictures of the woman now go around the internet. “I know I’m immature but this cracks me up!!”, someone writes on Twitter. “I really cannot spare this,” someone else decides on Facebook. And still: “Sometimes the universe gives us such a perfect thing, that it is difficult to find the words to describe the beauty … But other times we get a woman with a cartoon penis jacket.”


Moreover, it is not the first time that the “penis jacket” comes on the tube. Already in 2015, the same jacket provided an internet sensation, when it was borne by Australian news anchor Natasha Belling. “Who thought the first time that this was a good idea?”, A user asks himself.

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