Sexy female teachers cause male students to self-abuse at night

Sexy looking female teachers in Mbabala secondary school teaching students! How would the interaction and concentration be! And what will be the focal point of the students?

At Mbabala secondary school, the male students allegedly complain about the outlook of one of their female teacher. “She reveals her sensitive part!” Her dressing, hips and also her natural endowment causes self-abuse to the male students after school hour.

“Some teachers are so beautiful and carefree in the classroom. That forced us to lose concentration in our lessons and we self-abuse at night,” the students complained.

Sexy female teachers cause male students to self-abuse at night
A female teacher at Mbala secondary school

Students in one the secondary school in Mbabala, Choma in Tanzania have complained that the outlook or dress codes of some female teachers disturb them sexually.

Most of the male students of the school complained that some female teachers do not consider how they dress when they go to class, revealing sensitive parts of their bodies.

One of the students who spoke confidently complained that teachers are a bad example for young girls who have since adjusted their uniforms to keep up the appearance.

The students have appealed to the Ministry of General Education to guide the female teachers before the male students will take refuge. “Some teachers look sexually attractive to us. And by getting dressed and sitting down, they disturb us to the extent that we self-abuse at night.

mbabala secondary school teacher
One of the female teacher in Mbabala secondary school

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