“She fried to peck me!: An anxious technician fears chicken

A routine job for a technician from the Australian grid operator Energex at a customer home has ended with a hiss. The inspector could not reach the electricity meter and gave a remarkable reason in a note that he left behind. The bill runs smoothly on the social network site Reddit.

An employee of the Australian Energex had to read an electricity meter from a resident at home but ultimately did not succeed. In that case the technician leaves a note to report that he has called but was not able to execute the order. He may also tick a pre-determined reason why he could not reach the electricity meter. Like: the domain was closed, a gate did not open, a lock did not open, or a dog that did not get attached to the chain. Another option is the uncertainty about the latter. In case of doubt whether or not a dog is attached, the Energex employee may have access. In this case the man crossed the word ‘dog’ and replaced it with ‘chicken’. To justify his fear of the bird, he added: “She fried to peck me!”

The owner of the chicken found the hilarious note when he came home. There was only one possible reaction for him: posting on social media. “Energex could not check my meter by my chicken,” he wrote. “My chicken just walks around in my backyard. He apparently thought that it was the Big Bird”, he referred to the huge yellow bird from Sesame Street.

The resident also claimed that the local postman does not want to deliver all his parcels by his aggressive chicken. Then she apparently looks a bit like a dog, a watchdog.

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