Shoemaker designs special social distancing shoes: 75 cm long

The Romanian shoemaker, Grigore Lup, has found the solution to apply social distancing in daily life efficiently. So that we would not forget to keep sufficient distance, he designed special shoes that are no less than 75 cm long.

Lup (55), with his 39 years of professional experience, invented the Giga shoes in an attempt to save his small business at the time of Covid-19.

Each pair of shoes is handmade from the best natural leather.

After the local media received his initiative, Lup received assignments from all over the world.

Most customers admit that they want to wear his creations on the street or special occasions. The shoes cost 500 Romanian Leu, which is 117 dollars.

The large models are undoubtedly advantageous, at least if your conversation partner has the same shoe taste as you. Because only then you keep precisely one and a half meters apart.

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