Should I give him another chance ? 6 bad reasons to give a relationship a second chance

People choose to restart old relationships for some reasons. This may sometimes succeed, and the relationship, having learnt from their previous mistakes, enters a new era of their life. However, after a few weeks of pleasure and peace, the partners often return to their old patterns, bringing their previous complaints and fights. When couples give their relationship a second opportunity for selfish reasons, this is what occurs. Here are a few reasons you shouldn’t go back to an ex-boyfriend.

6 bad reasons to give a relationship a second chance

1. Your friends and family like him

People might consider reuniting someone in their lives just because their family and friends loved them. It’s conceivable that you’ve built a steady circle of close friends throughout your relationship, that he’s become a member of your family, and that you’ve become a member of his. You can’t imagine introducing them to someone new. Family and friends may pressure you to make things right in such a scenario.

Remember that other people can’t possibly know everything that’s transpired between you and him, and even if they can, they won’t share your feelings. It’s simple for people to look at you and evaluate you from the outside, concentrating on what a great couple you were. If you talk yourself into making up and seeking excuses, you’re probably not ready to be with him again. You may consider what others have to say, but the decision is ultimately yours, no matter how difficult it may be.

2. You start to feel a little nostalgic

Should I give him another chance ? 6 bad reasons to give a relationship a second chance

It’s easy to get caught up in nostalgia when you see items that remind you of your ex. Dopamine, the pleasure hormone, is released into your brain at certain times, causing your most feelings of pleasure.

Our memories are wired, so terrible experiences fade into the background while happy experiences become clearer. As a result, people tend to believe, “It used to be better,” and consider unpleasant periods of their lives favourably or neutrally after a while.

It’s natural to reflect on the past from time to time, but that doesn’t imply it’s worth reconsidering. Remind yourself why things didn’t work out while you’re feeling nostalgic. Don’t anticipate different results by repeating the same steps: it’s possible that when you start dating again, you’ll start where you left off.

3. Don’t want to see him with another woman

Should I give him another chance ? 6 bad reasons to give a relationship a second chance

It isn’t easy to see someone you care about dating someone else. It may be a new cause to think about that man, to feel nostalgic, and to want a new beginning.

Don’t allow possessive sentiments to lure you back into the relationship. Even though seeing him with someone else hurts you, it doesn’t change the reality that you broke up for a reason. Allow his new relationship to encourage you to burn your bridges and create space in your heart for love.

4. Afraid about starting a new relationship

Another typical reason for reuniting a past relationship is that you’ve gone a long way, know each other well, and are comfortable being yourself with each other. You don’t have to start over with first dates and impress people. It’s usually hard to get accustomed to a new person, discover shared interests, get to know them, and disclose yourself, which may be avoided by dating someone you know.

But there’s another thing you and your ex know about each other: you’ve both tried and failed to build a relationship. You have the opportunity to hope that things will work out with the new man.

5. He claims to have changed

People do change, but not immediately after you shut the door in their face. It’s not fair for a man to start promising you the day after the breakup that he’s a new person now and won’t make the same mistakes.

It makes sense to discuss changes after a long time has passed. Although the fact that you haven’t seen one other in a few months doesn’t rule out the possibility that the person has changed

6. You love him

Should I give him another chance ? 6 bad reasons to give a relationship a second chance

Unfortunately, romances don’t always prove that love is enough to keep a couple together. Your emotions for him will remain unchanged if he has never worked on the relationship, acted abusively, cheated, manipulated, or shown other signs of toxic behaviour. Otherwise, old habits would repeat themselves. He has to do some significant work on himself, such as going to counselling or improving his life in some other manner.

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