Signs that you are more attractive than you think

It’s no secret that our perception of ourselves is different from what others think of us. But there are signs that you are more attractive than you think – an overview of them.

Many girls are critical of their appearance, trying to tweak or fix something. Even though huge eyes, plump lips, and long legs are not the main criteria for beauty.

Signs you are attractive

The Blondes get more attention

Studies have shown that blond girls are more likely to meet and start conversations, and even more often, they are invited to dance.

Blondes should take note: nature has already given you a bonus, and changing your hair color will not make you even brighter. Owners of chestnut or red curls should not despair at the same time: the secret of attractiveness lies not only in the shade of the hair.

Breast shape matters more than breast size

There is a stereotype that the larger the breasts, the more attractive a woman is. Although in reality, this is not the case. Studies have shown that medium-sized breasts are usually considered the most beautiful, but their shape is of great importance. Even small breasts look attractive.

Pleasant scents increase the attractiveness of the face

Perfume is a way to stand out and express yourself and an opportunity to look more attractive. In a Monell Chemical Senses Center study, men and women were asked to rate female photos. At this time, the smells of fish oil and rose oil in different proportions were released into the room. When the pleasant scent of rose oil prevailed, subjects gave higher ratings to photographs.

However, applying this knowledge in everyday life is worth considering: too heavy and bright perfumery aroma may not please others. Better to be careful with them.

Young looking face

It is not in vain that mothers teach their daughters to take care of the beauty of their skin from their youth. Research has shown that a youthful face has a more substantial effect on female attractiveness than physique. These are because others subconsciously associate such a person with health and good reproductive abilities.

Beautiful legs attract attention more

Breasts are not the most appealing part of a woman’s body. Surprising but true: many men call women’s legs the most beautiful. And they note that if the chest and buttocks are a loud call, then the legs are a quiet and sensual whisper.

High-pitched female voices are more pleasing

If you are the owner of a high voice, then you are already more attractive than many. Research shows that women with low voices are perceived as dominant by others, while women with high voices are more attractive. Depending on the interlocutor and the environment, you can raise and lower your voice to produce the desired effect.

Very long legs are inferior

All owners of not too long legs can rejoice. It has been proven that medium-length legs are the most attractive. They are an essential indicator of physical health.

The curvity of the spine in the lumbar region significantly affects the attractiveness

The textured thighs and buttocks are eye-catching. But there is something that influences attractiveness even more. This is the curvature of the spine. It turns out that the most attractive girls look with a solid lumbar deflection, such as a woman has during pregnancy.

Responsiveness increases attractiveness

“Be more responsive, and people will be drawn to you” – this is how scientists paraphrased the popular expression. Several studies have shown that men value responsiveness and care. And responsive women are perceived by the opposite sex as more feminine and attractive.

The upside-down face looks prettier

By tilting the head, any face becomes more attractive. Moreover, the less pleasant it was before the turn, the more attractive it will acquire due to the rotation.

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