Siquijor Island: the “refueling” place for black and white wizards

Siquijor Island is remarkable since it’s said that there are more sorcerers living there than regular humans. White and black sorcerers are separated into two groups and coexist peacefully on the same island. The island itself is said to be an intentionally maintained fragment of the submerged Atlantis. There would supposedly be a specific “center of power” for the continent.

The island is a part of the Republic of the Philippines and is situated in the Pacific Ocean. Additionally, Siquijor is this country’s smallest province; the island’s circumference is about 343.5 km. The location of a particular energy gateway is said to be here, and as a result, sorcerers who feed on this energy are said to reside here.

Although it appears like something out of a fairy tale, if we use the term psychic instead of sorcerer, the whole impression may be made to seem more believable. There is no reason to question the existence of “places of power,” as they are often mentioned by psychics. Even scientists are aware of them and link them to unique energy flows that rely on the location’s geological characteristics, the layout of the terrain, etc.

By the way, Siquijor is covered with many signs of volcanic activity; the terrain is steep, and there are volcanic peaks, mountain caves, and waterfalls. The island’s coastline regions are more appealing to casual visitors, while divers have picked the island’s water area as their favorite diving spot. These areas have been formally recognized as marine reserves since 1978.

However, Siquijor cannot be considered a tourist destination in the conventional sense for us. More often, people from nearby areas go here to seek the assistance of white sorcerers. It’s interesting to note that the white sorcerer cannot both refuse to assist and accept payment for it. Therefore, it is the less wealthy Filipinos that go to the island on inexpensive boats to bring sick families or to seek medical treatment for themselves.

It’s also fascinating to see how white witches from the island of Siquihor heal patients. The mechanism behind it will undoubtedly be explained by psychics; one such approach uses bubbles, or “bulu-bulu”, as it is known locally. It seems to be a ritual from the outside, so you may call it that.

A little volcanic rock stone is placed in a glass of spring water while a sorcerer circles a patient who is seated holding it. The Siquijor witch lowers a bamboo tube into the glass and blasts air through it. Evidently, the water in the glass is bubbling, giving rise to the phrase “bulu-bulu.”

Siquijor Island
Siquijor Island

When the Siquijor witches use these techniques, the water “magically” darkens, and something that resembles dirt particles appears in the water. When the water in the glass is still bright, the water is poured out, and the procedure is repeated. After that, it is said that a person has had all the negative energy removed from him and is now well.

Of course, people attempt to stay away from the Siquijor Island dark witches. They are said to be able to install bad spirits in individuals, causing them to lose their sense of self. As a result, the dark sorcerer has the ability to command someone, tell them what to do, and even order them to murder.

When the Siquijor witches use these techniques, the water “magically” darkens, and something that resembles dirt particles appears in the water.
When the Siquijor witches use these techniques, the water “magically” darkens, and something that resembles dirt particles appears in the water.

It is believed that only a white sorcerer from the same island can expel an evil spirit that was “settled” into a person by a black sorcerer. They say that spirits are burned out of the body by fire – while the person remains unharmed. There is also interesting evidence that at least some sorcerers are baptized in the Catholic way before their rites.

In Christian culture, the mere presence of an evil spirit in a person is a well-known “demon possession.” It seems sensible to refer to white and black witches in this situation as exorcists, which lessens the appeal of the situation for us.

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