Six reasons why night work can be more interesting

Many people see night work as something unattractive. The reasoning is: you can say goodbye to your biorhythm and your social life. Yet there are also quite a lot of benefits to work when the rest of the world sleeps.

1. More time during the day
If there is now one big advantage of night work, then it is the sea of time you have while everyone is at work. Okay, of course you also have to sleep a bit during the day, but otherwise you can enjoy the typical evening or weekend things during the day. In the supermarket you do not feel like you’re in a bumper car with your shopping cart like on Saturday.

You also do not have to take leave for an appointment at the doctor, hairdresser or bank for example or you can just do something fun, such as visit a (quiet!) Museum or dive into a wrinkle-free pool, go to the movies or drink a coffee with a friend who is free. During the day it is seldom somewhere crowded.

2. Never again in the traffic jam
Also, on the road it is a lot more pleasant because you can avoid the rush. Done with joining to and from work, if that is not a super advantage!

3. A nice income
Night work is also financially interesting. You often have to work fewer hours for the same amount of wages. For example, the supplement in the health care sector can even reach 35 percent.

4. Bye Monday feeling
Are you someone who is already on Sunday night with ‘the blues ‘ because tomorrow is another working day tomorrow? Night workers do not start on Monday morning, so that does not bother you either.

5. You work more efficiently
Night work often happens in a smaller team. So, there is a good chance that you should set it up with fewer colleagues, which can also be quite pleasant work. And above all: you work more efficiently just because you have less distraction from colleagues.

6. Double and thick enjoy a free evening
If you do not have to work a night, then that is double and thick enjoyment. The seat on your evening at home feels so soft. An evening of cinema or restaurant? You enjoy it intensely. Because of unusual, non-daily things, does a person enjoy much more?

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