Spanish start-up launches of running shoe without heel

It is indeed the intention that the running shoe of the Spanish start-up FBR misses the heel. The revolutionary design simultaneously promotes walking performance and avoids injuries.

The idea arose five years ago at project leader and athletic trainer Franc Beneyto after reading the book “Walking with the Kenyans” by Adharanand Finn. The author lived a few months between the Kenyans to find out why they walked more and had fewer injuries.

Finn wrote that “Africans, barefoot to open, have developed a very refined. And natural technique without supporting the heel”. Franc Beneyto came up with the running shoe without heel, with the rest of the shoe sole being reinforced. Runners no longer burden their heel, but especially the middle and the front of the foot. This has a positive impact on a number of common injuries in the runners.

Scientifically tested

For the development of the innovative running shoe FBR Noa, Beneyto called on athletes, designers, doctors, specialists in biomechanics, podiatrists and physiotherapists. But first he had taken the test himself. One day he started training with running shoes whose heel had been carved “at an anatomically strategic point”. His findings: “The ankle became a feather that catapulted me with every blow. I have to develop that further, I thought then”.

The shoe without heel has been extensively scientifically tested in recent years at renowned universities in the United Kingdom and Spain. It showed that the shoe also promotes a more natural and efficient running style and sport performance.

Beneyto knocked on almost all major, traditional sports brands to bring the shoe to the market, but caught bone. That’s why he did it himself, with his start-up FBR, which stands for Faster & Better Runners (faster and better runners). The shoe is completely manufactured in the Spanish Alicante. It is available in three colour combinations via the FBR website and costs 139 euros.

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