Spirituality and culture as the basis of freedom and development in Africa

When Africans travel the world in search of a better life, the aspiration to which every human being is attached, it is not because their immediate environment is not favorable to them, but rather because they are for the most part of them, disconnected from this environment. The most powerful people in the world are above all those who remain deeply attached to their cultures or to a founding ideology. But then, why does the African think he is an exception to this? That is to say, to develop according to the paradigm and vision of other peoples?

The African continent is culturally the richest continent. Under its apparent diversity of peoples and cultures, however, lies a deep cultural unity rooted for millennia. But how then to explain that the first men on Earth are reduced to borrowing foreign cultures and ideologies to the point of not referring to theirs? How to explain the renunciation of self so characteristic of the modern African, renunciation which expresses itself up to the surname?

These legitimate interrogations have the only answer: the domination of foreign cultures and ideologies which induce a profound modification of the African being, of the perception he has of himself and of his immediate or distant environment. Thus, whatever the will and effort expected, no dignified and upright Africa will be possible without a truly authentic cultural and spiritual coating of Africa. Spirituality is therefore at the heart of the struggle for the recovery of the continent.

Spirituality is the path of balance, vigilance and harmony. It allows man to become aware of his being and guide him in his perpetual quest for happiness. Each people is thus connected to divinities that manifest themselves through the ages.

Africans know that these deities are the totality of the memory of disembodied spirits (the ancestors). Any African who wants to advance in this world must thus connect with his ancestors who will show him directly the ways to follow and protect him against negative spirits.

The physical world is a crippled part of the Universe. Behind every living being lies a cosmic reality that can only be mastered if one has reached a higher level of consciousness. The energies mobilized by the living, if they are channeled, nourish the egregores (positive or negative) who in return can act in favor of those who are linked to them.

The egregores most known today are (Jesus, Mohammed…). These two egregores are inscribed in the Western and Arab cosmic framework, since they are their inventions, since they know better how to load and unload them. This justifies their domination over the rest of the world, especially in nations where religions invented in their names are well established.

Thus, whenever Africans mobilize in churches, mosques or places of prayer, they release energies that other peoples channel to use them for esoteric purposes or sell them to gurus offering more and exploiting them.

The ostentatious luxury exhibited by pastors is not the result of cultural collections as spectacular as they are, but the result of a well-mastered spiritual deal whose followers are the main suppliers of the commodity called “energy”. The political elite encircled in the grip of Western esoteric lodges, serves with zeal and fidelity the “venerable masters” of these lodges. This elite is thus convinced to acquire power. Conviction however denied in fact so much the African adept remains subject, whatever his rank, to the Western “venerable master”. It is therefore understandable the powerlessness of the African political elite to take off the continent. As long as this elite will remain attached to the gurus of all orders, to impostures called esoteric lodges, as long as it covets an illusion of power in these orders, it will be unfit to work for Africa and to protect it.

Beyond the liturgy proper to each religion, there is a highly esoteric dimension that benefits only their inventors or founders. Religions are not God, let alone churches and mosques. Christianity or Islam is not a problem for Westerners and Arabs. However, these two religions are problematic in China because of the Chinese people’s attachment to their culture and ancestral traditions. Like Kemitism, which is the way of the reconstruction of Africa, is not appropriate for Indians or Jews. The invisible world is complex and specific.

The spirits that reign there are controllable, but since we are not able to control them because of our spiritual incapacity, it is important to stay connected to our own minds, those who know us, those who have experienced the same pain and suffering, and who are in the spiritual world, are able to guide us. That’s why our ancestors are the only ones to guide us in this life.

The propensity to defend foreign religions raises the question of the fidelity of Africans who are followers in the event of major conflict between Africa and the countries holding these religions.

So a Roman Catholic or a Muslim will be more inclined to pledge allegiance to the Vatican or Saudi Arabia rather than defend the continent if it is ever opposed to these two states. This choice of priorities is the result of a spiritual and cultural domination that dispossesses the individual of his ability to make decisions lucidly.

A clear example is the strong mobilization of Africans to defend Palestinians or Syrians in place of their brothers in CAR or Sudan, countries in which thousands of theirs die in silence every day without causing a start. indignation neither in the churches, nor in the mocking! One would be tempted to assert with reason that an African Muslim will prefer the disappearance of Africa than that of Saudi Arabia, that an African Christian would do the same for the Vatican or Israel.

The African kisses up to choking fights that are not yours! He replaces the main protagonists of a struggle that is foreign to him to make his struggle, his reason for living! Terrible glimpse of “cosmopolitanism” in the Senghor! Yes, the African is “permeable to all the winds of the world”.

The Christian West and the Arab East will also remain powerful for a long time, as long as Africans are attached to their religions, as long as they identify, dream and hope for them.

Chinese and Indian understood this fault and quickly emancipated themselves by becoming more anchored in their culture and spirituality. This justifies their formidable resistance to Western imperialism. Countries like Russia have opted for endogenous orthodox Christianity to better control it. It is observed that each time a global security alert is triggered, each nation and nation resorts to its spirituality in order to draw strength to better position themselves, to better withstand the danger.

Westerners invoke Masonic and Christian spirits, Arabs appeal to Islamic spirits, Indians with Hindu divinities, Africans on the other hand, lose themselves in Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, Masonic, Rosicrucian invocations, etc … reinforcing the egregores of the peoples they will face tomorrow in the physical world. Thus, Africa loses all its wars first on the spiritual and cosmic level before losing them on the ground.

Culture as well as spirituality guides economics, politics and even science. It allows the individual to adopt practices that are unique to him. For example, in a society dominated by Islam, the majority of imported products, visions and concepts will come from Arab nations because Islam has in it a sartorial, food, political, economic, culture, etc. Ditto for Christian-dominated societies that live and breathe only the West.

Remaining in one’s culture, tradition and spirituality shapes an individual’s habits and contributes greatly to the economic and social enhancement of the country. Indeed, if the macabo tuber is sacred in the culture of an individual, it is because the macabo is an integral part of the priority products of his community. As long as this individual remains attached to his culture, he will consume this tuber, not because it tastes good, but because it contributes to its spiritual equilibrium.

Thus, if this individual manages to impose his culture to another, even if it does not produce the macabo, will be reduced if not forced to buy from the first, relegating to the background, not to say doing away with its own products from his environment. The conquering people then become economically powerful because taken as a reference on all levels. This justifies the ease with which imported products are easily salable in Africa. Since these products work with the dominant culture and ideology.

This inversion of values ​​thus gives rise to the appearance of food curiosities in African societies where the choice of wheat bread takes precedence over bread made with cassava flour even though these countries do not produce wheat! Because according to Western culture, Jesus multiplied the bread, and the first bread served was that made of wheat. There is no doubt that if the story of Jesus unfolded at Bamendjou, he would not have multiplied the bread, but indeed the manioc! Our dietary habits, clothing… are influenced by the dominant cultures. But Westerners and Arabs have rather, in their expansionist logic, made an alliance between their culture and their spirituality to create religions.

The causes of the suffering of the African peoples are not to be sought so far. They reside more in the abandonment of our cultures and traditions. If we want to do great things in our life, let us know that everything must begin with a direct reconnection with our ancestors and a pure and simple return to our classical humanities. Africa has the urgent duty to wake up.

We have in Africa our own divinities, our own egregores and we do not need to graft an expansionist religion there. We just have to borrow the voice of our ancestors, each in his lineage. Thus, practices and rites must be done in accordance with the laws of nature in the sense of the spiritual laws. Ceremonies of reconnection, homage, purification, protection…

By Fotsing Nzodjou, Bamendjou
June 2018.
[email protected]
Tel/WhatsApp: 00237694041313
No truth is greater than that said in the undergrowth around the sacred rock NEPEH LONTHU in Batchoum in the kingdom of Bamendjou.

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