Spotify makes settlement for unpaid copyright

Spotify has reached a settlement with Wixen Music Publishing, the publisher of artists like The Doors, Neil Young, Tom Petty and Rage Against The Machine. Although no details have been published, according to a Variety source, a trade magazine for the entertainment industry, the settlement amount is well below the 1.3 billion euro requirement.

Wixen Music Publishing claimed that Spotify offered more than ten thousand songs without permission and without compensation for copyright. The company challenged the streaming service in January and demanded compensation of a small 125,000 euros per song. For 10,784 numbers, the total amounted to 1.3 billion euros.

Both companies announced on Thursday that “a broader business partnership” is the result of the settlement. This means that the claims of Wixen Music Publishing are “fair and reasonable” solved, and “an advantageous relationship for the future” was created. Spotify must pay copyrights to an individual or a group such as a publisher to be able to offer a song. The Swedish company was also previously charged with violations of copyright. In 2016 Spotify reached a settlement of 25 million euros with another music publisher.

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