Story of an office girl and white adjacent cat behind window

When Erika Strong from Toronto looks out of the window from her office in Canada, she sees a white cat on the other side, also seated behind a window. This usually occurs every day. The woman finally became so curious about the animal that she filled her own window with post-its to ask the owners the name of their pet.

For weeks the notes – a post-it per letter to the question ‘what the name of your cat is?’ in a way that would be on the other side of the street – discoloration behind the window.

©Twitter – @Erika_Strong After the question had been hanging for weeks, Erika and her colleague suddenly received an answer. The white cat they see every day from their office is called ‘Marshall’.

Strong and her colleague Alison Fleming, who was also under the spell of the cat, did not expect anything more. Until a day suddenly an answer hung at the window of the cat. ‘MARSHALL’ was printed in large black cow letters on an A4 paper.

Strong and Fleming were, in their own words, crazy with the unexpected answer. The two now consider asking a follow-up question and ask everyone on Twitter, sharing the whole story in smells and colours with the world, to vote on what that question should be.

In the meantime, the audience is enjoying themselves. “What a wonderful story, I need more good news!”, Someone says. Someone else states that it would have been very funny if cat owners in other apartments had also posted notes with the names of their cats. “Then you would suddenly know many more cats in your neighbourhood!”

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