Striking: Instagram wants to automatically delete all fake activities

Instagram is more active against fake activities which include false likes, shares and reactions to posts (bot). That makes the company known today. Striking: it wrote a program that automatically recognizes and removes these false interactions.

The popular photo app is increasingly becoming the place where so-called influencers bombard their followers and fans with all sorts of messages. This means fighting for a little attention and therefore clicks.

In an attempt to stabbing others windward, some accounts make use of so-called third-party apps: apps that outside Instagram, which reports on the app as possible Liking or sharing. In this way it seems like an account is very popular, so that influencers, for example, can ask more money from their sponsors. It is comparable to the false likes that some people can also buy on Facebook.

Instagram is now trying to address the problem. Previously it already deleted false accounts, but no action was taken against the false likes. The American company developed software that should recognize and automatically delete such a false activity on an account. The user of the account is then also informed and is asked to change his password. In this way, people who did not realize that their account was being used can do so in the future. An additional advantage for Instagram is that the company can check which accounts are genuine.

Instagram also announces that it will announce additional measures in the coming week.

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