Surfer is caught in California by a white shark but survives

In southern California, a surfer was attacked a few days ago by a white shark. As if by a miracle, the man survived the attack. “A Christmas miracle,” he said.

Adam Coons (37) was enjoying himself last weekend on the waves near the bay of Santa Rosa in California. He wanted to catch one last wave with his surfboard before he went home. But it was that last wave that almost cost him his last life on earth.

“Another 45 minutes,” he called to his friends. And then a huge shark of 4.5 meters long appeared out of the blue. It was a white shark, a human shark, or the world’s largest predator fish; not precisely doing things as they occupy the position of a top predator in most food chains. “I didn’t feel the bite because of the adrenaline,” Coon muses from his hospital bed. “And then I went down.”

Pierced wetsuit

While Coon was literally fighting for his life, his friend Jeremy Howard watched from a distance. Howard received his rescue certificate and knew what he had to do: he ran to Coon by boat and managed to scare the shark away. He then hoisted his friend on board. Situation? Coon’s wetsuit was pierced at the height of his leg with four sharp teeth. At that place, the savior made a wound pressure bandage to stop the bleeding.

The coast guard was now alerted. Coons was lifted from his friend’s boat by helicopter, after which he flew to the nearest hospital. The rescue was filmed and posted on Twitter by the authorities.

As with wonder, Coons is expected to recover fully. “This was a frightening and horrible situation. I am so happy and grateful that I am still alive,” says Coons. “A Christmas miracle.”

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