Tens of thousands of graduates get a wrong diploma in Australia

The Australian Ministry of Education has made a blunder when it has sent tens of thousands of graduate secondary school students a wrongly dated diploma.

The students from New South Wales graduated at the end of last year all received a diploma that was dated on December 14, 2017.

Around 70,000 pupils have received an incorrectly dated diploma, according to educational body NESA (New South Wales Education Standards Authority). It would be a “human error” that will be restored as soon as possible. Starting next week, affected students can expect a new diploma by post.

Double error

Disappointed parents and pupils have expressed their dissatisfaction with the state of affairs on social media with countless images of incorrectly dated diplomas. According to the Australian media, a mother even had to deal with a double mistake. Also, the middle name of her son, ‘John’, was misspelled and was registered as ‘Joh’.

The Australian ‘shadow minister’ for Education Jihad Dib said via Twitter that the situation was unacceptable. “We asked 70 000 HSC students to give their best last year. What do what they get in return? A Gov that can’t even get the year on the official HSC Certificate correct. They are right to feel disappointed and let down.”

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