Thailand: Angry man destroys his doll

A sezx doll has had a horrible end in Thailand. In fact, his owner very upraised notched the inside of the doll’s belly, beat her violently, and mutilated the body and then threw it into a bush.

Police in Nonthawat, Thailand, were alerted by a passer-by about a “body” thrown into a bush.

The police arrived at the scene and discovered that it was simply a mutilated sezx doll.

It is unclear exactly what may have irritated the owner to use such violence on the doll. But some social media users have suggested that the doll probably did not meet its expectations.

However, this is not the first time that photos of a sezx doll beaten by its owner are found on the Internet.

In January, a man who tried a naughty sezxual position with his doll shocked social media users after he finally broke the doll’s leg.

He then tried to put back the leg of the doll.

Unfortunately, he heard a snap and the leg of his pretty sexx doll broke.

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