The 2018 Chale Wote art festival in Ghana’s capital see photos

Artists, photographers and urban artists from around the world stormed the streets of Ghana’s capital, Accra, for the annual Chale Wote Street Art Festival.

The Street Art Festival ‘Chale Wote’ is an annual festival that highlights art, music, design, dance and performance.

The community festival takes place in Jamestown, one of the most historic communities in Accra, and aims to involve Ghanaian artists and international artists who create and enjoy art together.

According to BBC correspondent, Thomas Naadi who took the pictures of the event below:

Artist Jalud Rashid wears a suit made from polythene bags to show the importance of recycling plastic waste.
This traditional dress of the Ga ethnic group is known as Otofo, as shown by the artist Edmond Lartey.
Ghanaian artist Ibrahim Botchwey was one of those who painted in public…
Here, Botchwey wanted to raise awareness about vitiligo, a skin condition characterized by skin spots losing their pigment. The victims of the disease have often been discriminated against…
He also presented this chart calling for the protection of children so that they can realize their potential.
Sylvester Otoo’s works reflect the name of the Chale Wote festival, which literally means “My friend lets himself go”. It also means “sandals” in Ghana.
Gideon Osei Adams used his macabre costume to inform people of the need to be humble and respectful when you are still alive. When you die, it will be too late to correct all wrongs, he said.
Do not take life too seriously. Take the time and everything will be fine. This is the message that Ishmael Amu wanted to convey.
A typical Ghanaian outfit worn by fetish priests who portray the ability to see beyond the physical.
Francis Oko Armah, a young activist dressed in a unique condom outfit, raises public awareness of the spread of HIV and AIDS in Ghana.
Ghanaian artist Tetebotankali describes how the street art festival brought together artists from Africa and beyond.
Sculptor Stephen Allotey kneads the clay until it looks exactly like its model
Muhasim Hamza’s works of art plunge into the controversial politics of the Middle East.

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