The Eclipse of the 21st Century: The Meaning

This Friday, July 27, night of 15 Zul Qi’dah, the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are given a rendezvous on a perfect alignment provoking a phenomenon of eclipse….

For there to be an eclipse, it is necessary that there is alignment.

The projection of the moon’s shadow on Earth (solar eclipse) or the shadow of the earth on the Moon (lunar eclipse) reduces the daylight when it comes to a solar eclipse or the night when it it is a lunar eclipse…

Anyway, the light perceived on Earth is reduced: It is the Obscurcissement!

Some see it as a moment of joy to others as a strong sign of the Great Master of Orbits! A Sign of the Origin and the End…

This reminds us of the word of the Prophet (saw): “The Sun and the Moon are signs of Allah (swt).”

These signs are neither Sun nor insights on the moon but on Earth.

“Go to Earth and look at my Signs! Divine_Voice
Land of Balance! Land of Life! Earth of the Vicar! Land of Fire, Water and Air.

At the Origin it was the Unity, the Gathering, all the stars were in One Point! Then on a perfect alignment! Then each one sailing in his orbit…

By moment, they meet on a Line and put themselves in Rang to remember and to remind us of the Origin or the End of their orbits…

Do you see that the End is in the Origin and Origin in the End?

This Gathering of the Origin is manifested in the Gathering of the End.

In the Qur’an, the End is defined by the Gathering and the Obfuscation: “The day when He will gather you for the Day of Gathering, it will be the day of the great loss.”(Qur’an64: 9)

“When the sun is darkened, and the stars become dull,…”(Quran 81: 1-2)

“He asks, “When, the Day of Resurrection? When the sight will be dazzled, and the moon will disappear, and the sun and the moon reunited, the man will say on that day,” Where to flee? “No! No refuge! And your Lord will return on that day.”(Quran 75:6-12)

“The day when We will bend the sky as we fold the roll of books. Just as We began the first creation, so We will repeat it…”(Qur’an 21:104).

We learn from these verses that the phenomenon of eclipse symbolizes the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle.

The return to the Origin! A sign of the time of the End! If you feel the End is near, run to prayer and invocation! When the son is born tomorrow, the lightning will leave the East and show itself in the West…

Now the Sun will rise to the West! It will be the advent of the son of man…! According to Abu Hurairah, ALLAH’s Messenger said, “How will you act when the son of Mary comes to you and your Imam comes from your community? (Narrated by Bukhari)

“The Hour will not arrive until the sun rises on the side of the West. (Reported by Muslim)

The buried secrets will be revealed! “I heard, but I did not understand; and I say, My lord, what shall be the end of these things? He answered, Go, Daniel, for these words will be kept secret and sealed until the time of the end. (Daniel 12: 8-9)

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