The economic crisis is hurting the Christmas mood in Zimbabwe

Many families will not be able to enjoy the holidays due to shortages. Zimbabwe is going through the worst economic crisis of the decade. Many traders feel it in their stalls on Christmas Eve.

“Things are difficult and most people do not have money,” said a trader interviewed by AFP in a locality not far from the capital Harare.

The man says he only has 4 clients a day. Motorists spend whole nights in their cars in search of gas because of a shortage of fuel that the country goes through in recent weeks.

Others get up early to wait in front of a bank question to withdraw a little money. The dollar in circulation is so scarce that many people turn to the black market.

Zimbabweans had hoped for new economic momentum with new President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who came to power last year after Mugabe’s resignation under pressure from the army.

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