The reason a “nuclear mushroom” appears in Ukrainian sky

A strange mushroom-shaped suddenly appeared in the sky and frightened the inhabitants of Kyiv, Ukraine. The photos of the incident were shared on social platforms. The authorities immediately reassured the population and explained the origin of the event.

The people of Kyiv were frightened to death on Friday 19 June when they noticed a huge cloud in the sky, which immediately reminded them of a “nuclear mushroom”. Many pictures of the phenomenon appeared on social networks and were reported in the Ukrainian media.

“In 2020, nothing surprises me anymore,” wrote an Internet user ironically about a possible nuclear explosion.

“Funny cloud, don’t you think?” was one of the words written on Telegram’s local news channel “Kiev Operativny”.

The Ukrainian State Service for Emergencies then rushed to reassure residents, urging them not to panic, reports the Zvezda channel. He issued a statement based on the explanations of meteorological specialists.

A natural phenomenon

It is a cloud “anvil” which is “rarely encountered and formed on the crest of windy waves, which only occur when the wind crosses obstacles,” said the message posted on Facebook. In this case, the cloud does not move but turns into ordinary air masses. Such a cloud usually forms during the hottest periods of the year.

This fantastic “nuclear mushroom” has also been observed near the towns of Ternopil, in the west of the country, and Vinnytsia, located a little further east.

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