The rods of power of the Ancient Egyptians

Egypt is a country of mysteries and ancient riddles. Today, scientists are increasingly inclined to believe that the inhabitants of the Nile Valley got their sacred knowledge from an unearthly source.

As historians say – the Egyptians evolved rapidly. In the beginning, they were small settlements without much sign of civilization. But, as a result of unexplained events, they began to develop actively and rapidly.

Studying the papyri, one can conclude that the scientists of these people possessed knowledge of aerodynamics, physics, and chemistry. They actively developed astronomy and other exact sciences. Many of their inventions humanity has introduced only in the twentieth century. How can we explain such colossal skills and knowledge of the Egyptians?

Today several theories substantiate the sources of knowledge of the ancient Egyptian civilization. One theory claims that the inhabitants of the Nile Valley communicated with a higher mind, with higher forces through some kind of transmitters and telepathy. They had certain devices such as pyramids, wands of power, and other artifacts.

If about the pyramids, humanity more or less collected the information sufficient for their analysis, then practically nothing is known about the Pharaohs’ staffs or the staffs of power.

Pyramids were built by Egyptians, not as tombs for rulers. Opening them, archeologists were really surprised by the fact that many of the tombs were empty. Then the scientific community began to put forward the theory that actually the pyramids were necessary to communicate with the higher mind.

The rods of power of the Ancient Egyptians
The rods of power of the Ancient Egyptians

Inside the pyramids, there are inscriptions and patterns of unknown origin. They are carved on their very tops. Perhaps the Egyptians had inscriptions on the stones before the pyramids were built, but then how do you explain the fact that there is no such language in any historical reference? The signs and symbols on them have also not yet been deciphered. The most interesting thing is that all the knowledge of the Egyptians, for some unknown reason, simply disappeared.

Today, archaeologists are closely involved in studying such artifacts as the staff of the pharaohs. This is a kind of magical tool, which was available for use only by members of the royal family. Today, historians describe them as cone-like structures of various shapes and volumes. On the very top of some of them were placed precious stones.

Egyptian rock paintings and papyri often depict rulers holding a rod in their hands. There is still no explanation as to why it was a sign of power, but the papyri describe the effects of the ruler’s rods on the inhabitants of Egypt.

All who disobeyed the will of the ruler – were punished very severely. The rod would begin to rotate and make a frightening sound. It was a thin, piercing squeak that deafened and hurt people. Wands with stones were feared even more, supposedly, they acted as lasers and could cut a person in two halves.

The rods of power
The rods of power

Scientists have established that these artifacts were made of copper. It is of great importance for the preservation of human health and strength. Many great scholars made copper goblets for themselves to charge their drink with ions of the metal, and this made it medicinal and even more useful. But is the secret only in the metal from which the wands were made or in something else?

It is now established that the pharaohs were buried together with the name rods. Some scientists have suggested that the rods gave incredible power and the ability to cross space, time, and borders.

But how could such an extraordinary object allow such leaps and wonders? In fact, the wands were a mechanism that allowed the rotating movements of the artifact parts to create a certain magnetic field, which influenced everything around the ruler.

Pharoah buried with the rod of power
Pharoah buried with the rod of power

As for the mechanism of influence – a certain energy field was created as a result of the dynamic motion of the wands’ parts, which subsequently influenced the structure of space and time, the state of health of the people to whom this field was directed.

Some scientists believed that a certain magnetic field was triggered at the moment of rod activation, and a time corridor was created. Such a portable time machine. Such a version is not devoid of common sense, as it explains why the bodies of pharaohs in the tombs are absent. Most likely, they were transferred to another point of the planet or galaxy, and there continued their life.

Also, as a result of the study of ancient papyruses, scientists have concluded that with the help of the rod, it was quite possible to cure a number of ailments. For example, these electromagnetic waves could destroy tumors and other neoplasms, could start the heart, and clean the vessels. Today such claims seem quite unrealistic, but it is worth considering the fact that the Egyptian civilization has given modern man hundreds of discoveries and discoveries.

The medicine of the Egyptians was very developed, and one shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that they were able to treat most diseases with the help of so-called non-traditional methods of impact on the human energy field.

Yes, in those days, the Egyptians already possessed the knowledge of this part of alternative medicine. They practiced healing with sound and herbal medicine, our generation is only now building on this skill.

Ancient Egyptian rod of power
Ancient Egyptian rod of power

Today there is reliable evidence that the Egyptians had knowledge of the healing properties of stones and metals. It is not for nothing that the higher castes always had various precious ornaments with great energy potential at their disposal. Some scholars believed that the wands were protective in nature and protected the owners from external energy influences.

Our contemporaries should learn from the ancient Egyptians the methods of healing and energy practices. Unfortunately, most of the knowledge of the Egyptians has been lost and is being restored bit by bit, which makes it almost impossible to use the restored knowledge safely.

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