The tragedy of the Sahara desert: An ancient civilization in Africa?

The largest desert on Earth is also the most mysterious part of the planet. But many alternative researchers are unanimous in the opinion that this desert is man-made and weapons of mass destruction have been used there.

Official history says that the Sahara is about six thousand years old or more. So what could have happened that contributed to the emergence of such a vast expanse of sand?

Sahara desert
Sahara desert

On ancient maps from 1570, Africa was fertile and prosperous, all densely populated. Along and across flowed full-flowing rivers, and the fauna and flora were astonishingly diverse. On the banks of the rivers stood numerous and large cities. In the north of Africa, many ancient ruins have survived to this day.

Official history cautiously sidesteps the more tangible and tangible evidence of the very recent, in terms of time, the existence of advanced civilization in Africa. Then all the medieval maps made by the cartographers of the time can be burned?

Or someone has already burned, but only the area itself, where the vast sands of the Sahara are now. A lot of charred black rocks, strange black and sintered “formations” resembling scorched to the ground – areas of cities.

How to explain the very strange formation in the form of giant rings, called “Eye of the Sahara” (Guelb er Richât), which local tribes consider a miracle? Such a powerful, unnatural formation can tell an inquisitive person a lot.

Reportedly an ancient civilization in Africa
Reportedly an ancient civilization in Africa

Let’s compare a modern map of Africa: the place where the “Eye of the Sahara” is located, when overlaid on an old map with cities, coincides with the presence on it of the city of Hoden.

So the solution was close, and the cities were destroyed. Such a radius of impact would destroy not only the unfortunate city of Hoden but the surrounding 50-60 square kilometers of many things, including animals and land cover vegetation with rivers and lakes.

It is also noteworthy that their edge of sandy desert barchans begins suddenly, without smooth transitions: standing green trees on the fertile ground, and in a few meters – huge mountains or dumps of sand rise up.

Finally, there is a plateau in southeastern Algeria called Tassili n’Ajjer. There is a unique park of charred rocks and formations. They are presented as natural formations. They appear to be quarters-all scorched to the point of being melted down by terrible heat.

The Sahara desert
The Sahara desert

What was and is being hidden from the people is impossible to imagine. Flowery, once, recently Africa – now a desert with traces of sinkholes and endless sand…

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